Molecola | About Molecola
Molecola | About Molecola
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January 2012

Verde, Bianca e Cola

Green, White and Cola


Molecola was born in Turin, Italy in 2012 from the idea to create a Cola completely Italian. Using a recipe inspired by a famous book of piedmontese recipes written in 1854 and in collaboration with a historical Aromatherié from Florence, we have developed a beverage we believe is exceptional: delicious, refreshing…and 100% Italian.

April 2012

L’Elisir di Coca e di Cola

The Elixir of Coca and Cola


Our cola was named after the Mole Antonelliana, a famous and much loved building in Turin. The building’s shape also inspired the design on our cans.

December 2012

Cola e Buoi dei Paesi tuoi.

A famous piedmontese chain of “hamburgerie” fast food, consistent with the project of short supply and local products, decided to replace the classic American cola with two completely Italian soft drink: MOLECOLA CLASSICA and MOLECOLA SENZA ZUCCHERO. The outcomes of a whole year of test were very positive: MOLECOLA is appreciated and sales were increasing.

October 2013

i figli so’ piezz’ e Cola



The MOLECOLA family is enriched by MOLECOLA BIMBI, that meets the taste of children and the attention of the mothers. MOLECOLA is chosen by the best cafes, restaurants and pizzeria in whole Italy.

Summer 2014

Il primo Milione

The first milion


COOP decided to embrace MOLECOLA project and started distributing the real Italian Cola in all supermarkets in North West Italy. The Millionth can is produced and MOLECOLA official entered in EATALY stores to complete a prestigious range of Italian products. MOLECOLA is the soft drink most sold and popular with considerable acknowledgement in whole Italy, particularly in Rome and in Milan.

March 2015

Molecola SpettaColare

Spectacular Molecola


MOLECOLA is chosen by AUCHAN, CONAD, METRO AND CARREFOUR as Italian cola and became international reaching Australia and Germany.

August 2016

La Famiglia si allarga

The Family grows


In 2016 there were lots of news: our 500ml and 1l bottles debut on the most supermarket shelves. The wiggly bottle, which wears a clatchy sleeve like a dress, tells about Molecola’s philosophy and italian spirit. Furthermore it’s enriched by a side band, called “MISURA-SETE”, to let you know the recommended and the consumed amount.

September 2016

Una Cola italiana a NY

An Italian Cola in NY


Molecola’s Italian heart beats in the Big Apple. For the first time in history, thanks to the cooperation with Eataly, the most italian Cola in the world can be found on the shelves in Chicago, New York and soon of Boston and Los Angeles., ready to take on the Americans with its irresistible taste.

July 2017

La Differenza è nei partiCOLAri

The difference is in the particulars


The new glass bottle, called 90-60-90, comes in the restaurant world. The forms summon the Divas curves of the ’50s, the details are inspired by the italian tailor’s. Only bottle, like Molecola.