Molecola | Cuore Italiano
Molecola | Cuore Italiano
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Molecola, an Italian dream born in Turin

Molecola is not only an ordinary project, but a dream to make a project only italian, which guarantees the appropriate quality of the product and the work sustainability with a fair pay.

In Tuscany born the Italian Taste

Molecola unmistakable taste joins our phantasy with the multiannual experience of the only italian aromathierè. Since 1928, the family Giotti from Scandicci (Florence) extracts and wisely mix the best natural flavors, using innovative technologies and italian creativity

Italian 100% Sugar from Veneto and Emilia Romagna

Molecola embraces the extraordinary idea of Italia Zuccheri, the last sugar producer in Italy, that engages a cooperative with 5700 farm this project: producing sugar from sugar-beet 100% italian Certified, paying farmers a fair-pay

In Emilia Romagna, Piemonte and Veneto the dream comes true

In Fidenza (Parma) is located the production of Molecola in can, in the middle of the Maritime Alps, exactly in Ormea (Cuneo), is produced Molecola PET bottle. Instead Molecola Glass Bottle is born in Posina (Veneto).

With Molecola you support a dream

With Molecola you help us to support RENKEN ONLUS, an italian association engaged in a project for the education, the training and the protection of children in Senegal